Necklace "Firebird"

$ 185.00

Colorful and sophisticated bead embroidered necklace "Firebird" made with Mookaite Jasper cabochons, Swarovski crystals, Czech glass crystals and Japanese seed beads.

Handcrafted necklace is a wearable piece of art, so you will be the center of attention at any party!

Inspiration for this handcrafted cuff bracelet was a Firebird - a magical bird in Russian fairy tales that glows brightly, emitting red, orange, and yellow light, like a bonfire. She is a powerful source of light, and even one of her feathers can illuminate a whole room.

The necklace can be a special present for yourself or someone who loves and appreciate handmade jewelry.

The necklace has an orange color genuine leather as backing.

Size: 5" (13 cm) long and 1.5-2" (4-5 cm) wide.

The memory wire will maintain the shape on your neck.

The length of the memory wire is 15" (38 cm).

It can be adjusted, if you need it longer or shorter.

You can see matching cuff bracelet here

Mookaite is an Australian Jasper.

It supports and sustains during times of stress, brings peace and a feeling of wholeness.

Mookaite helps you with decision making, promotes energy and new ideas.

It encourages versatility and helps you to accept change.

It comes in a nice gift box.

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