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Bead embroidered necklace "Spring Blossom"

Iryna Shlapakova

Posted on February 14 2016

Bead embroidered necklace "Spring Blossom"

I want to show my creation process of the beaded necklace "Spring Blossom".

My inspiration was this beautiful color palette which I found on the Pinterest.


I always wanted to create a necklace with the soft pastel colors.

The first step was to find beads close to these colors.

I went to my local bead store, where I got some of the beads. The rest I ordered from the online stores.

This was my selection of beads and stones I wanted to use in my project. I didn't use all of them.


First, I started with the center element in which I used beautiful Rose Quartz cabochons.


I was very pleased with the result.

beaded flower

Next, I decided to make a flower.

I went to the Internet for the help with the pattern. After a long time of searching, I found a pattern I wanted to try. I have never done this kind of flower before, so it took me a couple of attempts to get it right.


I started to connect the petals to the rilvoli in the center. After connecting four of them I realized that the last one doesn't fit. What a bummer :(

I had to tear everything apart and start the petals again ( another 3-4 hours of work).

Then I decided to connect them together first and then to the center part.

The next couple of elements were easier to make.


This was my layout.


Next step: connect everything together.

bead embroidery

This part was always hard for me. I was putting it aside for some time. It took me about 3 hours to connect the elements. It was challenging to adjust everything.

But the result was beautiful.

beaded handmade necklace

This is how my necklace "Spring Blossom" was born :)

Thanks for the help with the name from my Facebook group "Creative Bead Chat".

I hope you enjoyed watching my process.

I sure did enjoy my time making it.

It took me 28 hours to make the necklace ( I am not counting the time I spent to learn how to make flower).






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