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Tutorial for bead embroidered bracelet "Cleopatra"

Iryna Shlapakova

Posted on July 18 2018

Tutorial for bead embroidered bracelet "Cleopatra"

I made another bead embroidery tutorial for a cuff bracelet "Cleopatra".

It is easy to follow step by step tutorial. Good for beginners also.

I incorporated beautiful color combination for summer: Turquoise and Gold.

I was fun to make Kits for this tutorial.

Beaders who want to try bead embroidery don't need to buy all different beads and Swarovski. They can just get a Kit which includes all beads needed for this project. No need to buy a hole pack of beads, if they need just a few.

I am very pleased with the results on this tutorial.

bead embroidered cuff bracelet tutorial

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