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Set of 6 Colors Pearl Purl Wires 1.25 mm

$ 17.98 USD

Pearl Purl (Gimp)Wire 1.25 mm

Colors: Black, Antique brown, Antique gold, Dark gold, Yellgold, Silver

Pearl purl is a wire that is wound into a tight coil that looks like a strand of gold pearls.
Pearl Purl needs to be stretched before it is used which enables the couching down thread to slip down between the twist of the wire.

Tiny stitches are used to sew down the pearl purl at the same angle as the twist of the wire so that the thread slips down between the coils.

Alternatively, it can also be stretched until it is almost straight for a completely different effect and can also be used as outlines for designs.

It is used as outline designs for define a specific pattern in Jewelry Making, Gold Work Embroidery, Couture Embroidery.

Material - Copper

Origin – India

Thread diameter - 1.25 mm

Total length 1 set is 36 inches

If you need to order more than 36”, please contact me for a custom listing and discount.

Thank you!

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