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Beading Tutorial "Cleopatra"

$ 35.98 USD

Beading Tutorial: Cleopatra Cuff Bracelet

Have you ever wanted to try bead embroidery but didn’t know where to start?
This Cleopatra cuff bracelet tutorial is your perfect guide.

This PDF tutorial (beads not included) provides:

42 slides of step-by-step instructions
Over 160 detailed pictures
Instructions in English
Expert tips and tricks from years of beading experience

Upon confirmation of payment, you’ll receive an email with a link to download the tutorial, which can be downloaded up to two times.
 Please choose the device you will be using for the tutorial.
 All rights reserved.

This project is suitable for nearly all levels of beaders.
Basic beadwork skills such as adding thread, maintaining thread tension, and ending your thread are recommended.
You’ll learn the fundamentals of bead embroidery, how to work with various bead shapes, and create stunning designs with endless color combinations.
 Let your imagination guide you!



You are welcome to sell the finished product from the tutorial you have purchased in small amounts (mass production is prohibited), just please give Iryna Shlapakova (Exclusive Craft) credit.

Unauthorized copying, distribution, selling and teaching of this tutorial is prohibited.

Please, respect the copyright.

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Here are some links you can use to get your supplies:

Bracelet cuff 

You can buy Stiff felt in Walmart, JoAnn, Michaels, Amazon, or other craft stores. 

Beading mat 

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