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Amazing health benefits from jewelry making

Iryna Shlapakova

Posted on September 16 2021

Amazing health benefits from jewelry making

Amazing health benefits from jewelry making


Did you know that making beaded jewelry is beneficial for your health?

It eliminates stress and as a result reduces the risk of heart attack and other health problems related to stress.

Young and old people benefit from it too, as jewelry making keeps brain active.

Working with beads improves fine motor skills in children, as well as memory and visual perception.

Jewelry making in groups helps to socialize.

Also, it increases the energy.

It is good to learn how to make jewelry in order to reduce stress, keep brain active and connect with other people.

It is a nice hobby to have for all ages.


Do you want an easy way to learn jewelry making?

9 years ago I leaned by myself how to make bead embroidered jewelry. I know the straggle of a new beader with all these questions:  where to start, where to buy necessary materials and much more.

My beading tutorials are super easy to follow with many high quality pictures and clear descriptions.

I am always ready to help a beader in need with advice and guidance.


All my PDF tutorials and Kits are available here


I teach Zoom classes as well.

Just contact me at for more details.


Happy beading!


Iryna Shlapakova

Owner of Exclusive Craft




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