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The best seed beads for jewelry making

Iryna Shlapakova

Posted on August 29 2021

The best seed beads for jewelry making

The best seed beads for jewelry making 


Choosing the right seed beads for your project can be overwhelming. That is why I want to review some of the most popular brands.


Most of the seed beads are made in Japan, Czech Republic and China.

The highest quality beads are from Japan and Czech Republic.

Japanese manufacturers are Toho, Miyuki and Matsumoto.


Toho beads are very consistent in size and shape.

They have a slightly large hole which makes it easier to pass a thread multiple times.

Toho Treasures and Toho Aiko are similar to Delica beads from Miyuki.


Miyuki beads are consistent in size and shape.

They are a little thinner then Toho. 


Delica beads by Miyuki are cylinder shaped brads.

They are good for bead weaving, loom and bead embroidery (for bezeling a cabochon).


Matsuno beads are higher quality than Czech beads but less uniform in size and cheaper than Toho and Miyuki.


Czech beads are made by Ornela Company.

They are donut shaped and not uniform in size with a smaller hole than Japanese beads.

They are cheaper than Japanese beads and are often used for bead embroidery projects.


Chinese beads are poor quality which I wouldn’t recommend to use.

I like to use Toho and Miyuki for my beading projects.

 clasifications of seed beads

cilinder seed beads

different seed beads

Images are from

I hope you have a better understanding now what to use for your future beading project!

What are your favorite seed beads to use?


Iryna Shlapakova

Owner of Exclusive Craft



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