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The best beading threads

Iryna Shlapakova

Posted on August 17 2021

The best beading threads

The best beading threads


Toho One-G is a nylon thread made in Japan by Toho.

It is not stiff but strong.

It is good for bead weaving as well as for looming, stringing and stitching.

It comes in 50, 125 and 250 yards spools.

22 nice colors are available.

I use this thread the most because it doesn’t fray or tangle.

toho one-g beading thread

 Nymo is a single-ply non-twisted nylon thread.

It is strong but can fray.

It is a good idea to wax it before use.

It tangles easy and can stretch slightly.

It is good for looming, stringing, and stitching.

This one the least I use. I was using it a lot when I started beading 9 years ago.

Later on I found better threads to use.

 Nymo beading thread

Hana is a pre-waxed nylon thread made in Japan.

It is strong and fray resistant.

It comes in 12 colors.

It is good for bead weaving and stitching.

This one is one of my favorite now. I like it even better then Toho One-G.

Hana beading thread

 K.O. is a pre-waxed monocots nylon thread made in Japan by Miyulki.

It is similar to Toho One-G.

It comes on 18 colors.

 K.O. beading thread

C-Lon is a twisted monofilament nylon thread made in USA.

It is similar to Nymo, but a little stronger.

It comes in 36 colors.

 C-Lon beading thread

As a beader, I understand the struggle of choosing the right thread for a project. I hope now you know a little better about the beading threads. 

Happy beading!



Iryna Shlapakova

Owner of Exclusive Craft


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